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Little Frames

Maternity & Newborn


Why Little Frames?

All of you know me as Founder & lead Wedding photographer at CLICK FRAMES, a wedding photography team based in Kochi; with an experience of 7+ years and 100+ weddings, I have done all the roller coster rides in the wedding industry. But I also love Newborn and Maternity Shoots; earlier, it was all about the framing, lighting and other technicalities until I became a father. Parenting has opened up a whole new perspective. Now it's the Emotions and the stories which take precedent over just technicalities. In short, I understand how important every little milestone is when it comes to your newborn and how important it is to document them for life. Hence, we started an exclusive Maternity & Newborn Studio titled LITTLE frames - One of the most exemplary New Born Services in Kochi, India.

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