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The Beginning

Passion Lead Me Here

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“thank you for believing in Us.

let's make magic together.


Hello, I'm Sreeraj. A wedding photographer based in Kochi, Kerala, India.
Every Photographer has something to say about photography. To me, photography is the connection and the emotions with my Father. In my childhood, he brought me a film camera. I don't remember the brand, but I still remember how he taught me to change the film and capture a photo. It was magical. I was so fascinated with that camera. 

With eight years of experience in the IT field, I decided to chase my dreams & take the first step. It was not an easy decision to quit my job at Microsoft. The same year I got married too. With the support of my family, I started learning Photography, lighting, and other things related to this field of work.

In 2019 I started CLICK FRAMES with the help of my buddy Jithin. In the beginning, We were the only people in Click Frames. We supported each other. From shooting to editing, I handled all the operations. Jithin helps me with booking and marketing. The first few customers were people that we knew, people that we had worked with in the past. In months Click frames expand as a great team of people who have mastered their skills in this industry. We are very grateful to our initial clients for trusting us. Without them, this wouldn't have been possible. 

The same year My Father Passed away. It was a pretty significant year in my life. The sudden movement of his death made me understand just how precious photographs are in life. Not only do they document your loved ones, but they can also show you how you've changed over time. Every memory is worth saving, and I am grateful for every photograph I have. It's one of the things that I try to explain to brides and grooms when they come to see us. Photos will be priceless to them in the future because we will all lose somebody along the way, but they don't know yet.

The journey became more exciting when my wife Geethu, decided to join the weddings we attended. She brought a new perspective to our experiences and added an element of fun that made the events even more memorable.  She was my light boy, Set manager, and whatnot. Later she becomes a part of CLICK Frames. 

My Team, Well, I always preferred them as artists. A group of talented Artists with an experience 0f 7+ years in wedding Photography & we understand each unique event, moment & ceremony. This gives you peace of mind to be fully present and enjoy the day with your friends & family.

Along with CLICK FRAMES, I am also the Founder of ( 1UNITY ) for my Team & ( LITTLE FRAMES ) exclusively for Maternity and New Born Photography. We all have our unique style and creative vision that we uniquely bring to this world. Every frame has a story to tell. We preserve those memories forever for You.


Image by Robin McSkelly

I am a proud CANON User.

A Creative Wedding Company & a Post-Production House 


Sreeraj KS

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Photography has always been my passion, Love, the Adventure doesn't know what to say, but everything in my life.


Ralee ( Geethu )

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Inspire creativity and work with

different personality types to find new possibilities in this industry.


Jithin Kumar

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I’ve learned that we’re all more alike than we are different. At its most basic level, in the creative world, I am always a beginner.


Anu Krishna



Ameen Abdul Aziz


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Jobin Joy


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Rosinda Furtel


Image by Paul Siewert

Ismath Methalaj


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Shikha Suresh


More Talents Coming ...!

Image by Chiến Phạm

Every Wedding is a Unique Love Story. 

The more you allow us, more personal and meaningful our work will be.

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