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The Beginning

Passion Lead Me Here

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thank you for believing in Us. 

Let's make magic together.


Hello, I'm Sreeraj, a self-taught photographer based in Kochi. Photography holds a special meaning for every photographer. For me, photography is more than just a visual art form, it's a deep connection to cherished memories of my father. In my childhood, he gifted me a film camera, and I can still vividly recall how he patiently showed me how to change the film and capture a photograph. It felt like pure magic, and I became captivated by that camera.

After accumulating eight years of experience in the IT industry, I made a challenging decision to pursue my long-held dreams. The decision to leave my job at Microsoft was far from easy, especially since I had also tied the knot in the same year. However, with unwavering support from my family,  I embarked on a journey to learn the art of photography, mastering the intricacies of lighting and various aspects related to this captivating field.  I've never seen myself as exceptionally talented or naturally creative, but my commitment to the learning process has always been unwavering.

In the year 2019, my journey with CLICK FRAMES began with the invaluable assistance of my friend, Jithin. At the outset, it was just the two of us, standing side by side, providing mutual support. I took on the responsibility of managing all the operational aspects, from capturing moments through the lens to the meticulous editing process, while Jithin played a pivotal role in handling bookings and promoting our services. Our initial clients consisted of individuals we were familiar with and had previously collaborated with.

Over time, CLICK FRAMES evolved into a cohesive team of individuals who had honed their expertise in this industry. We owe a profound debt of gratitude to our first clients for placing their trust in us, as it was their belief in our abilities that laid the foundation for our success. Without them, none of this would have been possible.

In that very same year, my father passed away, marking a profoundly significant and emotional chapter in my life. His unexpected passing taught me a valuable lesson about the immense value that photographs hold in our lives. These images not only serve as cherished records of our loved ones but also offer a glimpse into our own transformations over time.


This perspective has become a cornerstone of my approach when speaking with prospective brides and grooms who visit us. We all navigate the inevitable loss of loved ones along life's journey, even though they may not fully grasp it yet. Photographs have the power to connect us with our past, preserving memories that will ultimately become priceless and irreplaceable.

The journey took an even more exhilarating turn when my wife, Geethu (Ralee) made the decision to accompany me to the weddings we covered. Her presence infused a fresh perspective into our experiences, introducing an element of joy that elevated these occasions to unforgettable memories. She seamlessly took on various roles, from being my lighting assistant to stage manager and beyond. As time went on, she officially became an integral part of CLICK FRAMES, contributing her unique talents and dedication to our growing team.

My team. they are always been more than just professionals; they are a collective of highly skilled artists with years of expertise in capturing the essence of wedding photography. We possess a deep understanding of every unique event, moment, and ceremony, ensuring that you can relax and fully immerse yourself in the day, cherishing precious moments with your friends and family.

In addition to my role at CLICK FRAMES, I also serve as the Founder of (1UNITY) a creative community and online network for Creators and (LITTLE FRAMES) dedicated exclusively to Maternity and Newborn Photography. Each of us possesses our own distinct style and creative vision that we contribute to this world. Behind every frame lies a compelling story, and we are devoted to preserving these cherished memories for you, ensuring they last a lifetime.


Image by Robin McSkelly

I am a proud CANON User.

A Creative Wedding Company & a Post-Production House 


Sreeraj KS

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Photography has always been my passion, Love, the Adventure doesn't know what to say, but everything in my life.


Ralee ( Geethu )

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Inspire creativity and work with

different personality types to find new possibilities in this industry.


Jithin Kumar

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I’ve learned that we’re all more alike than we are different. At its most basic level, in the creative world, I am always a beginner.


Anu Krishna



Ameen Abdul Aziz


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Jobin Joy


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Rosinda Furtel


Image by Paul Siewert

Ismath Methalaj


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Shikha Suresh


More Talents Coming ...!

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Every Wedding is a Unique Love Story. 

The more you allow us, more personal and meaningful our work will be.

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